DougDoug is finding his spiritual path

Combine “A Summoner’s Tale”, the Sloar Speech from Ghostbusters, the SF Channel Mentat Commercial, and every gamer dork ever, and you’ll have the cast of Fear of Girls. These guys are just a little bit too good. Thanks to do_not_lick.

13 thoughts on “DougDoug is finding his spiritual path

  1. oh dear
    Every once in a while I think to myself “wouldn’t it be fun to play a bit of D+D again.” And then I see things like this and I get better.

      1. Re: oh dear
        The white box on the shelf? I thought the first D+D box set had the red dragon on the cover and contained Keep on the Borderland mini-module.
        I still own a copy.

  2. am i the ONLY geek who never played D & D? I feel left out, somehow. Don’t even know how it was played. was it with cards or some kind of board?
    no, i’m not kidding.

    1. It was purely fantasy…A fantasy world created and controlled by the “Dungeon Master” and populated by his groupies. A game of chance played with dice and acne.

      1. so i coulda DONE something with all that damned acne?!?
        i didn’t know it had a purpose except as a social deterrent (quite effective)

    2. It’s actually a lot of fun. The structure is that one person creates an adventure and several other people try to get through it. What happens is partly up to the creator, partly up to the adventurers, and partly up to the dice. It’s basically interactive theater based on a Tolkien-like medieval fantasy world.

      1. can it be played with supermodels? if so, it could become quite popular.
        thank you for filling a hole in my human being education. They are a wild breed – full of surprises.

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