15 thoughts on “Get out the gin and the small violins

  1. bonobos: the porn stars of the animal kingdom
    while a minor thing… hollowpoints would have less penetration but a higher energy transfer and hence better knockdown/tissue damage


    1. Well I don’t want penetration like an FMJ round, because I don’t need to penetrate vehicles and anyway I’m not bound by the Geneva convention. A nice heavy round like the Federal Hydra-Shok combines knockdown power with the kind of mass and penetration you need to punch through store windows or cheap drywall, but will efficiently stop in your opponent.
      Why the fuck do I know this?


  2. OR:

    (ok, i apologize for the vanity. i’m a woman obssessed and can’t stop playing with pictures. i just can’t handle all this sitting-still time and must SHARE. delete if you wanna. BUT: have a good and bitter v-day: go destroy something beautiful!)


      1. Re: MEAT BABES
        THANK YOU. that’s EXACTLY what we try to go for. cheescake pics WITHOUT fine coatings of hemoglobin just don’t do it for me. muahahah.
        and i am now picturing all of us lined up in blood-soaked wedding gowns, extending our ring fingers with sweet smiles and maniacal glints in our eyes…..


      1. Re: Guuuuuh.
        (do keep in mind, though, that these lovely bloody girls all have their OWN reasons to put together a show that involves tearing hearts from chests…… riiiiiiiip)
        yeah, i know. not helpful.


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