22 thoughts on “please add to the list of words that have been drained of meaning

      1. Bill Paxton saved 1986
        Top 106.7 songs of 1986
        I blame the numbers 8, 12, 16, 18, 27, 53, 58, 64, 65, 74, 81 and 100 for the demise of “alternative.”
        I must say that 1986 was redeemed by the following songs though:
        24, 73, 76, 78, 85, 89 and 92.
        92 was seriously the best/worst song ever recorded.
        It was the beginning of the end…


  1. I'm doing:
         My part to keep "ecletic" alive on the airwaves even
    as I type this. I've just segued from the Swedish group
    Vasen (s'posed to be an umlaut over the "a," but I dunno
    how to do that...) doing a song called "Ekorrn (Squirrel)"
    to Big Sandy & his Fly-Rites Boys doing "Night Tide," and
    I'm about to push the button that'll start Lionel Hampton
    and his Orchestra doing "Ragg Mopp" before getting into
    Mahler's 2nd Symphony.
         We all do what we can...


      1. Re: St. John?
        Sadly, I do not really share your last name, even though I think it’s lovely. Salome St. John is a spam name got. We both thought it was really great, and when I joined LJ I couldn’t think of anything good until this popped into my head. It was then deemed BEST LJ NAME EVER, in some very unscientific, heavily biased, poll of two.


  2. I’ll probably think of more later when the coffee’s taken hold, but these are the first that spring to mind: ironic, literally, hero(ic), relationship.
    This last used to have a broad range of meanings but now seems to refer almost exclusively to the awkward interaction between two beautiful twenty-two-year-old acquaintances whenever they’re not fucking.


  3. said ‘no-brainer’ when I read this post out loud.
    ..I’ll go with ‘profound’..and I’m partially responsible for that..which is another one..lol


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