6 thoughts on “ego note

    1. It was okay. Like all of Nigey Lennon’s stuff it was basically about her, and kind of unreliable, but she’s a nice person basically. I wish she’d got her facts right, since so much of it was about Groening.
      I came to the Reader just slightly too late to enjoy the good times there, but due to the bad times had an amazing opportunity. I got a vibe from her like “nothing was good after I left” which is sort of unnecessarily snarky.

  1. Congratulatinos on the mention!
    Speaking of brushes with famous people, there was a woman who came up to me after a CM D’s show a few months ago that said she was an ex-lover of Lou Reed and he mentioned her in a song from “Coney Island Baby” – any idea who she is? She looked like she could well have been in the road scene from back then. Such interesting characters that come in and out of that particular D’s.

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