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I need to buy a suit, since I don’t have one. The next wedding, funeral, job interview, or trial I’m involved in will demand it. Ideally I’ll get married, go on a job interview and be turned down, come home and murder my wife in a bizarre psychotic reaction to failure, and be tried for the crime, and the suit will pay for itself.

I know friendly_bandit had good luck at Robinsons-May. Are there other recommendations for suit purchasing in Southern California, preferably in Orange County?

I’m going to buy the “all purpose dark suit” this time and it should be as near to all-weather as possible. No white sharkskin, seersucker, or heavy heavy wool.

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  1. suit
    I know suits. Get gray flannel lightweight wool, with a vest. Take it home, and drop food on it and pee yourself, then go look in the mirror and be amazed at the perfection of the camoflague. Men wear those things for a reason.
    Men’s Wearhouse will do fine. If you want to get down on it, and I recommend you do so, read _Style and the Man_ by Flusser, or just find some stuff he’s written.
    You DO have a little money, go to a real place and get a $1,500 suit, and have them tell you what to do. Carrol and Company in Pasadena and others….

  2. re: good luck!
    your other non-options include:
    white/cream linen= southern dandy
    dark grey anything= run for congress
    black and white striped= jailbreak or bone daddy

    1. Re: good luck!
      Tom Wolfe in a white suit, right. I always thought blue suits for politicians. Dave Barry says that “democracy” comes from the Greek words “demos” for “white men” and “cracy” for “in blue suits”.
      The black & white fine pinstripe I think of as Rich Guy in Old Movie, say a banker in a Buster Keaton flick.

      1. Re: good luck!
        The black & white fine pinstripe I think of as Rich Guy in Old Movie, say a banker in a Buster Keaton flick.
        I think you’re thinking of a chalkstripe.

    2. Re: good luck!
      White/cream linen shouts fleeing Nazi War criminal living in Brazil to me. Or possibly French Vietnamese plantation owner circa 1948.

      1. Re: good luck!
        The best case scenario for the white suit is the whiskey- and tea-stained linen suit worn by the tragically drunken Graham Greene colonial antihero sitting at the bar at Raffles and watching the world go to shit around him.

      2. Re: good luck!
        Or possibly William Burroughs emerging into the blinding South American sunlight after shooting his wife.

  3. I went into Mens Warehouse to buy some Mens but left with a really nice suit. Another place to check out is Nordstroms Rack…the same great smell as Nordstroms without those insane prices.

    1. One more thing. I was in Sears not that long ago and the sales clerks were confused as to what to do with a dress they found in the dressing room that had been peed on. So don’t go to Sears for dresses, just check there trash for slightly peed on stuff.

    2. I can confirm that Men’s Warehouse is also pretty good (in my limited experience with these sorts of things.) I bought a suit about 6 years ago, it wasn’t too expensive or troublesome, they included a some tailoring to make it fit a little better, and it has lasted quite well.

  4. not sure if its still around but the burllington coat factory (if memory serves correct) is a decent place. cheap prices and you can more or less mix and match until you find what you want if they dont have any full suits you like.

  5. “No white sharkskin…”
    Well, geez, if you don’t like my ideas, why do you even ask for advice?
    * /me throws shark back into lagoon

  6. Three Day Suit Brokers is good, so is The Men’s Warehouse. I seem to remember buying one in Penney’s a long time ago, tho Robinson’s May could be the better of the two.

  7. I needed a suit for a funeral a few years back and stopped into Nordstrom with a bewildered and frightened look on my face. Since suits don’t come in tshirt sizes, I was lost. When asked if I needed help, I replied that I needed a suit by the next morning. Oh, and it was like 8pm.
    Fuckers measured me, tailored it and turned it around in an hour.
    Still have it…in fact, I need to see if it fits. Interviews…maybe.

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