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  1. It really upsets me that although I categorically disagree with every sentiment attributed to Joe, they still used a picture of me to represent him.

  2. For the dumb Canadian here: do such people really believe all this, or are we only told that they do?
    All my USian liberal friends have a very defeatist attitude about the majority here. Like, that the Republicans have a lock on this guy and he’s always going to believe what they tell him to, and always go along with them 100%.
    I live in SF now, so I have no idea what the reality is.

    1. Yeah. Joe really believes this shit. I know several carbon copies of this guy. It’s eerie how well this cartoon tags them.
      In SFO, our defeatist attitude about Joe is unfortunately somewhat amplified our sense of parochial superiority. It’s not as bad as outsiders think it is, but it’s not like there isn’t anything to it at all. The truth is: the Republicans have a lock on this guy, and he’s going to believe what they tell him and go along 100%— right up until we stop hiding from our own political shadow and put some real marketing into the effort to change his mind.
      Until then, hey— at least, we have snarky cartoons to amuse us.

    2. Well, there’s a lot of people like Joe. I don’t know if they’re the majority, but they’re the people the ruling classes are paying attention to lately. A middle-class white professional like me encounters Joe all the time, and he makes me tired.
      The real majority is always an unknown, and everyone makes up stuff about the majority to prove their points. There are just too many people in this country and too many possible majorities. At least by voting habits we seem to be fairly Joe-like at the moment, but the “silent majority” stopped the Vietnam War and turned its back on Nixon and there was a long decade of liberalism after that. Joe changes his mind a lot.

      1. Joe semper, mutabile

        Joe doesn’t like “those fucking Mexicans”. But he likes Mexican food, made by Mexicans, in the US, for cheap.
        Joe thinks of starting his own business. But you would not want to work for Joe. Joe figures that if he under-pays you “just a bit”, that’s okay.
        Joe was beaten as a child, and figures that if he has kids, he’ll probably just sorta yell and threaten instead of beating them.
        Joe also mostly dies off every few decades and is restored anew — like a phoenix, or herpes.
        Don’t get me started on how Joe votes when he’s 70.

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