White people are weird.

I made the mistake of clicking on a weird looking ad link in the Mark Morford column email from sfgate.com and ended up in this pavilion of what. I spent a good half hour trying to figure out if there was anything going on there.

It is not clear that they have ever done anything.

Looking at the self-submitted biographies of their founders, staff members, employees, and “conversation hosts” reveals that they are all wealthy well-educated Bay Area white people. They take care to mention that they have been to other countries for months or even years and that they speak foreign languages, and that they ride bicycles and use solar and hybrid power. They’re all well-off, cheerful, and in fine physical shape.

Anyway they’re going to save the world by talking about saving the world. I think technology is involved, and there are certainly oboes and wide, beardy grins. The stages are apparently 1) noticing that history and biology have happened 2) meditating and making your own brain better and ready to evolvulate and conversatify and 3) something they’re putting on the web site Real Soon Now that will be a social network.

I’ve got a better idea. How about all of them stop with the website and the neurocosmology and the self-improving oneness of spirit exercises and just make sandwiches, say, 20 a week, all at once, on Saturday. They all have lots of time and money, so this isn’t a big deal. Then, take the sandwiches to a church in a really poor neighborhood and give them a cooler full, and say “Hey, give these sandwiches to people who don’t have anything to eat, okay?”

If they want to Create a Space to be Thoughtfully Open or work on their Epic Journeys, that’s cool too, but not until the 20 sandwiches are delivered. Deal?

14 thoughts on “White people are weird.

  1. More Clueless Boomers
    The very first practical project for my Uber Radical Feminist Cult is to open a drop in center for homeless women. High Ideals are all well and good, but some hot food and a place to shower and do your laundry are better.

      1. Re: More Clueless Boomers
        It’ll most likely be a store front on LA’s West Side when I do scare up the resources to get it going. I just got housed myself this summer and my ‘cult’ is presently at two members. But ‘from little acorns’, ect.
        The Very Long Term Goal is various shelters that are Women Only, from the over-night ‘warehouse’ type to the multi-year transitional program type. During my own homelessness, I saw first hand how tough it is for homeless women. In this Social Order, that’s two strikes right there.

  2. Great. Another fine excuse for the Terminally Self Absorbed to Absorb themSelves more Terminally.
    Sandwiches work fine, yeah. Wonder what they do for a living, and how seriously they’re screwing people during their dayjobs.

      1. Having, in my day, actually done the est training, I have to concur. In fact, my first thought on seeing that was to scan to see if I saw any familiar names.

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