America, fuck yeah!

well im 18, i love to party and go crazy; I hate people who belong to cliques, I need sex, I love sex, etc….YEAH UM but i dont think I’m a sexaholic!!! I work at Polly’s Pies in Orange so come visit me and get some fuckin PIE!!! I wanna be an exotic dancer…AKA STRIPPER!!!! friends get free lap dances! or a bartender. I love my body and everything about it, especially my 36DD breasts. Im an outgoing red-head who loves to party, so watch out!! !……………………………………………..well thats the old me, ive done alotta stupid shit in my life, hurt the one i love the most and had to wait for my mothr while she did time. ive learned alot over the last few months embrace relationships, dont push them away. try not to lie, it hurts you worse that ne1 else and dont sleep around evryone finds out, cheating is NEVER worth it. i am still a sexaholic, or so i do very much believe. Ihave issues but if you care about me ull wanna help not shy away. so yeah…dont be afraid to leave me a message, comment wutevr..latr u crazy people who love to drive me into insanity ALSO IM NOT LOOKING TO MEET NEW PEOPLE ON MYSPACE IM HERE FOR MY FRIENDS..SO DONT BOTHER THANKYOU AND YES I KNOW IM BEAUTIFUL AND MY TITS R REAL-SO QUIT FUKNG ASKING=EVERYONE!

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