7 thoughts on “we see you

  1. All these things are made originally for the busy business man, who in addition to ruining his own life by never doing anything worthwhile with his talents and eventually resigning himself to managing the talents and work of others – funds the research and development of our ability to make a phonecall to anyone everywhere at any time which has thus given way to the ability to keep track of everyone in pretty much the same way as well.
    and the rest of us all want this stuff be we see the people who are pretending ot be important using it, and that makes us want to play important too.


    1. And of course now many people have to carry the phone because of a job, even a very bad job. And as this stuff gets cheaper, they’ll just put it in all the cars and all the phones.


  2. I note that the central auditorium for the Time Lords on Gallifrey (in case anyone’s confused, this is a Doctor Who thing) is called the Panopticon. I can’t believe I never thought to look it up.


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