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  1. So with no hatred or predjudice all we’re left with is barbecues???
    What a limited species we are.
    At least lions are no more evolved than we are.
    and what’s with the severed raccoon head? A warning of things to come?

      1. It kind of looks like there might have been a little american kid with a beachball too, but he was a heretic and the lion ate him.

  2. What it reminds me of is that seriously wacked Mexican Santa Claus movie they showed on MST3K years back. The one with the REALLY FUCKING DISTURBING ANIMATRONIC REINDEER.

  3. Who is number one??
    ‘Under Jesus’ rule’? I love Jesus to death (we like brothas, yo) but that sounds terribly ominous.
    The lion has a beachball and looks terribly alien with it, as it were simply placed upon his paws.
    I’m glad that all of the different nationalities of the world get to dress in outfits conceived by the prejudices of white folk. Except for us white guys, who have to dress like a cross between a soldier at the height of the British Empire, and a grinder monkey.

    1. Re: Who is number one??
      If I get to dress like a grinder monkey under Jesus’ rule, I’m so voting for Him!
      With almost entirely German heritage, though, I think I’d get stuck with the lederhosen, suspenders, and Alpine hat with a li’l feather in it. That outfit totally makes me look fat.

    1. So that’s two things in favor of Jesus’ rule. Organ grinder suits, and bagels. If He’ll throw in pizza and hot chicks, I’m all for it.

  4. If they weren’t secretly burned years ago, I have a box or two of Jehovah’s Witness books, Watchtowers, Awakes, and more at one of my parents’ places. ALL of the illustrations are that wacky. If I can dig them up next time I’m visiting I’ll bring some back to scan.

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