Sad loss of a musician

Apparently Mana “China” Mishiura has died in an auto accident while on tour with DMBQ. She was also Shonen Knife’s drummer.

She died the same way D. Boon did, ejected from a van on tour. A month shy of 20 years later, too. And their tour manager got a head injury and other crap and is in the hospital without health insurance.

Musicians are always dying of the lifestyle, by which I do not mean drugs and partying. The lifestyle of long exhausting trips in unsafe vans interspersed with long nights working kills. Later on if they’re successful, they get to fly around in rickety little bugsmasher planes and in helicopters, which also kill. And hardly anyone has health insurance.

More info at Todd P’s site.

4 thoughts on “Sad loss of a musician

  1. julian got about 30 phone calls about this yesterday. his friend michelle (from panache magazine) was also with them. this is very troubling.

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