This fez was made for doffing

  1. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Samuel R. Delany: human vacuum cleaner. Try not to suck any cock on the way out to the parking lot, Sam!
  2. Crispin Clover and Courtney Peldon at halloween. You know you have to click it.
  3. This makes me very happy: a knitted digestive system! Via Pharyngula.
  4. Independent civil engineering study finds that the NOLA levees failed due to bad engineering made worse by lack of funding.
  5. Also on the subject of NOLA, the Nine Inch Nails site has some truly apocalyptic photos of the Ninth Ward. Amazing destruction.

10 thoughts on “This fez was made for doffing

  1. That Peldon-Glover thing confuses me to no end. Edwardian king of Esoterica + D list starlet with changing boob size. WTF. I can’t find anything interesting she does! Well, I guess she must screw like an ice weasel. =)

  2. Delaney
    THAT is what Delaney looks like? All this time he’s been Big Importantly Black Important Author — but I have great-grandparents from Norway who’re darker than he is!
    Also: that beard. No.
    Moreover: I’m scared to actually do the precise math, but I think this means he’s been choking down a fresh dong every three days, since forever. That’s assuming no repeats. DONG DONG DONG DONG.

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