5 thoughts on “Dear changeng

    I had no idea such depravity existed.
    And here I am with a fine Shoenhut of my own, banging out Velvet Underground, when I should have been banging out Schopenhauer!
    What intrigues me too is the samples page. Considering the limited tonal range of a toy piano, their “samples” are of .wav size – like you’d miss some kind of rich overtone by converting them to mp3.
    I wish I had a grownup attention span where I could sit and wait for a 86MB download. But I have to… uh… what was I saying?

  2. Do you remember Pianosaurus? I think they were from NYC, and did an album of toy music, using pretty minimal instruments, and of course, a Pianosaurus. =) I loved them so. Unfortunately there’s a band out now called Pianosaurus Rex that is not them, and is pretty crapulent. Grr. They may choke on their hair gel, with luck.

      I think they were friends of Camper van Beethoven’s maybe? I saw them. They were awesome. Thanks for reminding me.

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