The future tipple of bitter lesbian art students everywhere

littlefrida“In cooperation with the Frida Kahlo family estate, Dorado, Pizzorni & Sons, LLC Importers is proud to announce the launch of Frida Kahlo tequila. This tequila is superior to others because it is elaborated in small batches through a 100% natural, handcrafted and traditional process. We only use the finest quality blue agaves and natural ingredients,” said Jorge Gutierrez, President of Dorado, Pizzorni & Sons, LLC.

“It has been an exciting adventure to develop and launch a product that would characterize my Aunt Frida: her love for Mexico, her strength and her passion for life. Tequila, her favorite drink, accompanied her in the greatest moments of her life,” said Kahlo’s niece, Isolda P. Kahlo. “While searching in the region of Jalisco it was a unique opportunity and a great challenge to obtain the right quality, taste and pureness that would match Frida’s expectations. Always taking care of the finest details, Frida Kahlo Tequila is a Super Premium Tequila that my family and I proudly present to the world, at the level and quality of the tequilas that Frida would definitely expect from her favorite drink.”

Initially, Frida Kahlo Tequila will be launched in three major U.S. markets, including New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, as well as in Mexico, with plans to expand nationally in 2006.

Editor’s note: Frida Kahlo was an alcoholic who drank a bottle a day of tequila. Unsurprisingly, some people are really pissed off about putting her on a liquor label. Via the always useful AdJab.

Edit: namja provides us with their inevitable ad slogan: “Tequila Frida Kahlo: It’ll put hair between your eyes.”

6 thoughts on “The future tipple of bitter lesbian art students everywhere

  1. Was tequila with her during her crippling accident?
    Does this mean it has hair in it?
    What does it mean to ‘elaborate’ a tequila? Sounds like something a Heideggarian would write.

    1. eLaborate
      Good questions. I assume “elaborate” is a bad translation, but it doesn’t matter. I assume they’re just shipping someone else’s not-so-great tequila with their label on it.
      The tequila business is fraudulent in the extreme and a lot of what gets shipped as “tequila” isn’t from the right place, doesn’t use enough agave, is basically crappy firewater, etc. I used to read a tequila mailing list and about half the list was about one particular guy who’s always starting up “premium” tequilas that are just piss, and getting away with it.

    2. She was under ten when she had the accident, which put a pipe through her and out her spout, as it were. She was in pain for the rest of her life, which was more of a factor in her alcoholism than anything else.
      I hope it comes with a little floating Diego in it.

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