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    1. No, the important thing to remember about Cassandra is that she was cursed by Apollo so no one would believe her predictions.
      After foreseeing the Trojan War, the death of her brother Hector, being taken as concubine and a sex slave by King Agamemnon, bearing him two children, and subsequently watching him be murdered by his Clymenestra, his wife— after warning about all that, without anyone believing her— that’s when she gets murdered by Clytemnestra.
      Nobody gives a shit that Cassandra was always right. That’s the point.

      1. Clytemnestra is the proper spelling in latin characters. And, yeah, the story might be wrong: she might not have really been murdered. Still, it blew a mighty wind to be her.

      2. I assume Chicken Little was cursed by someone with a better sense of humor (Dionysos maybe?) so she would be full of prophetic fear, almost always wrong, and funny (chicken). I think that would be me; the panicked one in the chicken suit.

      3. Nope. I have a bad reaction to the Cassandra myth.
        During my brief stint with my previous employer, one of coworkers nicknamed me Wigglytuff, which is probably best explained here:

        When Ash, Brock, and Misty’s pokémon audition for a movie lacking pokémon actors, Wigglytuff slaps all of them for upstaging her. She then proceeds to sing loudly, putting everyone to sleep.

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