Grinning stoner chick says: get a god damned job

That’s the graphic banner that currently has behind the text urging you to create or update your resume. Miscellaneous very young smiling woman. At first I thought they meant to say that they are a portal for 16-year-old girls who have had too much Boone’s Farm. I showed it around and fimmtiu pointed out that she seems to have teeth ideally suited to removing bark from trees, and that perhaps the slogan should be: “Join our team of busy beavers at!”

I thought that was pretty good. What the hell do you think they’re saying here?

12 thoughts on “Grinning stoner chick says: get a god damned job

  1. “Update your resume, and you’ll be a happy little corporate slave!”
    She’s probably more like 19, which is a prime age to start. Legal and impressionable.
    As for the teeth, “Regular people can do it too!”

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