photo essay: The National Clandestine Service

It was announced yesterday that the new National Clandestine Service, which will oversee our nation’s spying, will be headed by an unknown individual who will be known only as “José”. Immediately I heard flamenco music in my head, saw the shimmering heat of a Mexican town at the turn of the century, heard hoofbeats. A masked hero was racing to save us: ¡Zorro! However, given the track record of this administration, I doubt we’ll get Don Diego.

Here’s what we want:

Here’s what we more realistically should hope for:

And here’s what we’ll get:

12 thoughts on “photo essay: The National Clandestine Service

  1. National Clandestine Service
    So.. if this agency ever does anything that is not super sneaky.. then can other agencies attempt to saboutage the effort and then start a political war based on the fact that this new agency is doing something that a “non-clandestine” agency should be recieving funding for?
    Man.. just when I thought “homeland security” was a bad example of how marketing speak and lame federal agendas could be combined.

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