The wild ride of the Stag God at 10 mph towards the BBQ

The local Christian college has one of those events where prospective students come and get a tour, etc, like most colleges.

For some reason, they use this as the banner for it on their home page:


I’m not sure why the high school outreach admissions event for a Bible college should be represented by a figure with the body of an Office Casual man in chinos and buttondown shirt, and the head of a stag. It puts one in mind of Herne the Hunter or Cernunnos rather than Our Lord. And why the hell is he on a SEGWAY?

11 thoughts on “The wild ride of the Stag God at 10 mph towards the BBQ

    1. Re: The Conforming Stag God of Orange County
      Not all Christians and not all Christian colleges are proponents of intelligent design.

      1. Re: The Conforming Stag God of Orange County
        ID posits an intelligent agent began the universe as we know it.
        What other choice is there for Christians?

      2. Re: The Conforming Stag God of Orange County
        On one extreme, Creationism. (Intelligent Design isn’t biblical literalism.)
        On the other extreme, science. There are many Christians who reject ID and Creationism, and argue that science, not theology, gives us the tools we need to understand the natural world.
        Such Christians tend to be vocally opposed to teaching Intelligent Design in public classrooms.
        E.g., Americans United is full of Christians, including the head of the organization, Rev. Barry Lynn.
        The rational voice in Christianity may be a minority one in the public dialogue, but it certainly does exist and there are choices for Christians beyond simply ID.

      3. Re: The Conforming Stag God of Orange County
        As a former Christian I have to say:
        1. Not all Christians demand a Biblical explanation for each and every piece of science. The Bible describes a relationship with God, and only ignorant people insist that it also explain the motion of the planets or why we have aardvarks.
        2. I.D. isn’t just “positing an intelligent agent”, it’s denying the validity of evolution through natural selection. Many Christians are thoroughly able to believe that their God wills every single event in the universe, ever, without resorting to attacks on scientific theory.
        3. This is probably the wrong place to have That Discussion about I.D. Back to making fun of pagan gods in chinos riding Segways, you!

  1. I think an enterprising young pagan should visit them and ask about their connection with Cernunnos, when the official monthly circles are, etc.

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