80s underground music notes

The Million Miles Away mp3blog has a nice history with mp3s of the career of Kendra Smith, member of Dream Syndicate on their first album, with some rarities from other times.

Also, Rykodisc is reissuing some classic Wall of Voodoo, and I’m sure it will be done with their usual style and quality.

2 thoughts on “80s underground music notes

  1. that rainy day record is great. we love, in particular, the version of ‘i’ll keep it with mine’ featuring susanna hoffs. hearing their cover of ‘holocaust’ at ca. age 14 (played over the stereo at mad platter) was my introduction to big star and then later, opal.

    1. Thing is, I now remember the Rainy Day record and in fact I remember playing it on the radio! But I had totally forgotten about it. I now even remember what the cover looked like. Weird.

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