Government Can’t Explain Change in 2002 TSA Contract

The modification to the contract involved switching the interview sites for tens of thousands of airline passenger screener jobs from a contractor’s own assessment centers to hotels and luxury resorts.

Federal auditors eventually called into question an array of expenses, including charges of $525 for an airport shuttle trip in Tallahassee, $7,920 for beverage breaks at a Manhattan hotel and $514,000 to rent tents in Boston.

So let’s get this straight. Homeland Security changed from using classrooms to using luxury hotels, we got charged $343 million for this, and no one can explain why?

I want someone’s head on a plate.

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  1. Sheeeyit! Gov’t accounting has more holes than swiss cheese.
    We can’t fund public schools, and we’re wining and dining assholes who keep little kids and old ladies from getting on planes?!

  2. No Child Kept In Mind
    Anonymous DHS Guy says:
    “We thought about using classrooms but we were concerned about the presence firearms and the threat they posed to DHS employees. Also, one official was injured by a moldy ceiling tile when it fell on his head during a meeting. Litigation against the negligent school officials is pending.”

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