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    1. Re: I prefer the plural
      Good songwriter. Cute as heck. Not so much with her movie career though.
      I met her a few times in the 80s. She’s tiiiny.

      1. Re: I prefer the plural
        Yeah. She is. I got meet the Bangles when I was assistant music director of my college station in… oh, like ’82-83. We interviewed them on a bench on Chestnut street in Philly and then took them to Roy Rogers for food.
        I have to admit, as much attention as Susannah got, I thought Vicki Peterson was the really hot one. Not that I probably should say stuff like that in public. 🙂

  1. “some success as a singer”
    The Hoff. The Hoff, the Hoff?
    ok, so i tried saying it a couple times and it still doesnt work, Ice T needs to go back to the hood for awhile, hes been hanging around white people for WAAAAAAY to long!

    1. Re: “some success as a singer”
      The funny thing is this: Just about the only good thing about Hasselhoff is that his hiring practices are pro-minority. He doesn’t do brother-in-law hiring at his production company and makes a point to hire a diverse workforce, which is really rare in Hollywood. I saw him get a NAACP Image Award one year for that, no joke.

      1. Re: “some success as a singer”
        damn, thats impressive. i mean, dont get me wrong. hes a good guy. i like him, in a certain respect, then there is the whole him being “david hasselhoff” thing and i need to giggle..just a tad.
        regardless of how it turns out, the whole thing outta be a hoot!

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