Yomama mano a mano: the Fiercer People

  1. Defense Tech Blog reports on fascinating, frightening, and probably illegal military planning for operations on U.S. soil without civilian control. Remember that name: Operation Granite Shadow. Original story from William Arkin’s Early Warning blog at the WashPo.
  2. Freakin’ idiot soldiers thing they see ghosts. Even lamer newscasters do a story on it. Come play with us, Sergeant. FOREVER.
  3. “If your definition of propaganda is framing communications to do something that’s going to save lives, that’s fine,” says Mark Broughton, SCL’s public affairs director. “That’s not a word I would use for that.” Slate has a story about psy war gone commercial, brought to you by the fine folks at Strategic Communication Laboratories.
  4. Ladies and gentlemen! I present to you the so-far-unmauled FERCOS BROTHERS! Not those other guys at all!
  5. Cat and Girl is especially good today, making fun of people like me.

5 thoughts on “Yomama mano a mano: the Fiercer People

  1. Right-wing talking point on why we should not miss the Posse Comitatus Act: It was a white supremacist law passed to derail Reconstruction.
    Which is true. But I’ll miss it anyway.

  2. send in the “SALVATION” army??
    i for one am happy to know that our soldiers carry with them the light and the word of god, exorcising new orleans of giddy little ghost girls!

  3. I was going to say this business about “the three day storm is in the Bible!” and ghosts and spirits and the impending apocalypse is all just pishposh, but then I read the article about Ice-T & The Hoff and I think those people might be on to something.

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