Uhh… WHAT?

The Bally Total Fatness people have lost their shit and sent me this in email:

You’re invited to watch Bally Total Fitness® featured on the season premiere of The Apprentice, September 22nd, Thursday 9/8c .

Please join us in celebrating this unique event. Your local Bally Club will have TV’s tuned to The Apprentice so that you can enjoy this premiere episode while also getting a great workout. Many clubs will be hosting special viewing parties with activities including in-club events for special prizes featuring a commemorative Apprentice t-shirt giveaway. You will also have the chance to enjoy The Apprentice workout directly after the show or in the following days.

Instead, I’m going to start my Indie Rock Fantasy League.

2 thoughts on “Uhh… WHAT?

  1. That’s weird in so many ways. I’d think that Bally would be used to that sort of thing by now. At work we occasionally get little notes made in quarterly town hall meetings that such-and-such show decided to use Mitel phones as props, but no more than that. You’d think that Bally had never had their stuff appear in a TV show or movie before.
    (Also, nice icon.)

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