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  1. At first I thought this was a public restroom wall, and I was about to go “whoa”.
    Is Adderall any fun? They wanted to put me on Ritalin as a kid, but they decided to go the other route and put me on Lithium until I started to drool.

    1. Is Adderall any fun?
      It just makes me feel okay, and able to get my shit together. Apparently if it’s “fun” it means it’s just getting you high and not helping much with the actual problem. I guess I’m 20 mg of speed short, kinda.

  2. my candyman came too
    I went yesterday too! She changed me to from Wellbutrin sustained release to instant release and let me tell you, it’s like an instant release of GOOD MORNING! After a night spent cuddling in the arms of Topamax, Restoril, and Lexapro, it’s quite a fun transition. Did I move to the Valley of the Dolls or what?
    PS – I only joined LJ so I could comment on your posts.

    1. Re: my candyman came too
      Best.. LJ.. name… EVER! Welcome. If you sign in you’ll also see my double secret friends only posts with the embarrassing details and the felonies in them.
      Mmm… dopamine. What’s Topamax do?

      1. Re: my candyman came too
        Yay felonies!! Felonies put the F in Fun.
        Thank you for the welcome. I suppose I also ought to put some pretty pictures in as well.
        Topamax is a mood stabilizer. I am bipolar (bipolar II with rapid cycling and some mixed episodes), so it keeps me from cycling a lot (Bicycle! Bicycle! I like to ride my…). Plus, it enables me to deal with other people much more calmly and rationally than ever before. It also magically makes migraines go away. I love Topamax. But, like all drugs, it’s a tricky one. It’s one of those drugs that works wonders if the parts of your brain that don’t work well are specifically the parts that it hits. However, if you don’t have problems in the parts of your brain that Topamax affects, it can make you really stupid. Or, as a favorite website says (crazymeds.org), “dumber than a box of rocks” – they note that Topamax is also known as Dopamax or Stupamax.
        At higher dosages of Topamax there can be some cognitive impairment. When I titrated up too quickly, I got kinda fuzzy and dumb. The only problem I have on it now is the word find problem – words, names, and concepts that were just there a second ago slip away when I want to say them. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens more than before – that feeling that a word is on the tip of your tongue, and you can’t think of it, and then three hours later in the bathroom you blurt it out and feel very relieved. In many ways. It’s kind of annoying, but considering the benefits, I put up with it.
        Also, the combo of Wellbutrin and Topamax = weight loss extravaganza. Which is a benefit for some, a hazard for others.
        Nice to know too that I now have controlled substances in the house. If I’m ever broke, that shit has street value!

      2. Re: my candyman came too
        The only problem I have on it now is the word find problem – words, names, and concepts that were just there a second ago slip away when I want to say them.
        Man. I do that all the time, and I’m not taking a thing.

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