They told me you’d be an unusual patient, Mr. Trout.

  1. From Antarctica, delicious snow rolls!
  2. Napoleon Dynamite versus Bill Gates: FIGHT! Does anyone have this video?
  3. Google’s directions to Italian Webmasters have a “hungarian phrasebook sketch” problem of sorts.
  4. Abused children are highly attuned to anger, even when it does not involve them. I have this problem, and interestingly my therapist says that some of the unavoidable nonsense that happened when I was an infant produces symptoms similar to those of children who have been seriously abused.
  5. Area men sign up for Katrina cleanup, end up slaves. Wow! It’s like the “selling knives in the parking lot” scam but with more hepatitis and tetanus! Bonus points for “BMS Catastrophe, Inc.”

4 thoughts on “They told me you’d be an unusual patient, Mr. Trout.

  1. Iggy: I’ve always thought that my own attenuation to anger has had a lot to do with my brane getting tweaked as a kid, in a protective way. If you know the anger is around or getting closer, you might be able to avoid it. It’s totally screwed up that even babies should have this kind of PTSD, practically. Like your amygdala was practically born working too hard.

    1. Exactly, yes. That article was intuitively right to me. I get upset watching actors argue on television, even. Apparently the “abandonment” that I had when my mom had pneumonia in my infancy may well have been similar in both type and degree to actual physical abuse later in life.
      That seemed crazy to me when she said it, but I do have pretty classic PTSD symptoms for someone who grew up in a nice family in suburbia without fear or unmet needs. Barring alien abduction or the worst case of repressed memory ever, it seems like the best explanation for my brane.
      And that dissociative effect is the other protection; because the brain can’t handle 24/7 freakout, a kind of circuit breaker apparently kicks in.
      Seriously putting a penny in the fuse, here.

  2. Microsoft had a feed from the convention center but censored the video as such: “Due to the proprietary nature of the content being broadcast we must temporarily suspend the audio and video portion of this telecast.”
    Because Microsoft will be DOOMED if this leaks.

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