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I retrieved my car today. Fixing the window cost $479.44. I’m going to split it with Jaime because I could have got a better deal going to a cheaper joint, and because Jaime is a good egg.

Driving in lunchtime traffic through Tustin and Irvine, I encountered the Office Men On Lunch. Groups of men all take lunch together from their desk jobs. Whether it’s the clerks at Taco Bell with their ties flipped on the back or the Brooks Brothers smooth execs eating Cobb Salads at the Daily Grill, they have something in common: they’re asshole drivers. Without fail, the car stuffed with four guys in button-down shirts will blow a red light, tailgate, cut in and out of traffic, and go 40 mph in the parking lot. A mild-mannered paterfamilias turns into a tire-squealing road rage case in this situation. Hooting like teenagers, he and his buddies flip you off and take the 30 mph onramp at 70, making the Taurus list unhappily to the right and the near-bald discount tires whine in pain.

As far as I can tell, women who go to lunch from work together just go to lunch.

citizenx informs me that his friends The Scattered Pages are playing in San Francisco on Wednesday the 24th at the Rickshaw Stop (8pm, 21+, $6). If you like indie folk/pop music, stop by and enjoy. I liked their song Emily (mp3 download link) from their label’s web page.

I want to see this documentary about Freud’s influence in America but it’s only playing in New York. Apparently Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, invented the term “public relations” and was responsible for quite a few other Faustian ideas.

5 thoughts on “notes from wonderground

  1. i used to work the counter in health food sandwich place during the lunch rush of office women. evil.
    people also tended to equate healthy food with diet food, when they are often total opposites. this made them angry. so did sandwiches, soup, mayo, cheese, carrots, lines, chili, me and occasionally lettuce.

  2. Wow
    When I would go to lunch with Office Guys, we were never like that. Of course, we’re not worthless excuses for human beings, so maybe that’s part of it.
    I like the cars stuffed full of guys who’ll shout some weird crap at you as they speed by. I can almost never understand what it is.
    (Thanks for the mention.)

  3. When I first read your post I was thinking of the Execs from Taco Bell HQ. Then I got it, though I doubt the Taco Bell HQ sample their own fare. They know about the Discount Beef from Cheronbyl as they ordered it.

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