Not German. Still dead.

The woman who left her limo into traffic the other day here was apparently neither a lead singer nor in a German band. Her name was Jessica Roe and she was the drummer for a Bomp! Records bad-girl band called Les Hell On Heels.

Not the case! Bad reporting from KABC among others. The paragraph below stands.

Apparently she and her boyfriend for some reason told people they were in Rammstein. They rented a limo and ran up a bill of about $3000. And went to the Block and bought clothes at the Hot Topic, did some bar hopping, went to L.A. where he hung out at the Standard while she sat in the limo and boogied with street people to Rammstein, and then headed home except for the part where she dived out of the limo into traffic.

14 thoughts on “Not German. Still dead.

  1. finally, some closure…
    i was having a really hard time with the “woman from irvine/german punk band” thing…it just wasnt right.

      1. You said she looks pretty, which is different than what I thought. I can’t see any pretty in the pic.
        The first thing I thought when I saw the pic was…wow, she looks mean.
        Because our impressions differed…I posted mine.
        For discussion or just to provide another point of view.
        It wasn’t meant to be confrontational.

      2. I wasn’t being confrontational, either; I just wondered what the point would be in being mean to someone based on how they look or the expression they’re wearing. I don’t understand it, so I asked.

      3. Ok, cool:)
        It’s not really visualy so much as the feeling I get when I look at some people that does it. It’s kinda hard to explain. Like they are unhappy and are radiating a bad feeling out at everybody. I pointed out the snarl cuz I was trying to find something visual… Anyway when it happens, I can’t get past it to see any pretty on them.
        It happens backwardswise in reverse occasionaly when I meet really nice or really happy people too.
        Of course all this means is that I am insane and should never be allowed to partcipate in HR decisions. (Which is funny since HR is one of my hats at work)

      4. I understand that. But here’s something that’s sticking out to me… hypothetical situation here, mind.
        Person A: Looks crabby and snarly.
        Person B: Doesn’t take well to that, understandably, and is mean to that person based on their expression.
        Person A *might well be* mean and nasty, but we don’t know because she hasn’t said anything. Person B, however, has left no doubt that *they* are bitchy because they’ve cut into Person A just because Person A looks like a pain in the ass.

      5. Yes, I can see that that could happen.
        Which is why I never make the first move. I’ve been noting to myself when this happens for all of my life- I don’t want to influence what may happen next. I merely observe and wait. Quietly. Inevitably, it comes. Never takes long either. Within minutes they will either have accosted (verbaly or physicaly) me or someone else in the room.
        For me to notice, they have to be putting out a lot of energy..
        Most people don’t so much… Sometimes it is positive…more often though it is just really negative and that is when I can’t stay near them.
        To be sure though, I just brace myself and wait.
        I don’t start it. I can be pretty sure of this. Usualy they don’t even notice me there until after they have done something or other that was out of line and I have invited them outside to discuss the situation.
        I hope I haven’t fogged it up even more.

    1. I’ll believe anything at this point, because the news media are completely clueless. They can’t decide whether her name is Roe or Rowe, and they used Roe’s picture! I think we need Mulley and Sculder.

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