phony beatlemania has bitten the dust

  1. Of course every public figure or institution must now have a blog. Yes, even him. No. NO!
  2. They’re getting closer to understanding metabolic syndrome which is good for people like me, who have it.
  3. Momus has a pretty good attack on “fashion Goth”. Then again, you could probably write that pretty good attack on any trendy horseshit, eh?
  4. The candy marketers have a new! exciting! paradigm! and it is: really big M&Ms.
  5. A hearty “fuck you” to the nerds developing these sonic torture devices for controlling crowds.
  6. Polecats hate freedom. NEVAR FORGET the enemy we all face together.
  7. The Oracle corporation and their million-dollar heavyweight corporate database would like to say this to you: TOAD.

14 thoughts on “phony beatlemania has bitten the dust

  1. You know what? If I had endless amounts of money, I’d pay you to be a regular columnist. Unfortunately, I don’t, and that just sucks.
    Because, damn, you just about make me prolapse with laughter, sometimes.

  2. I have the giant M&M’s, to go along with their big size, you pay about 30 cents more for a 14oz bag vs a 16oz bag of Regular Size.
    Why for would I engage in this economic tomfoolery. Curiosity.
    They are also in Muted colors, Brown, Tan, Dark Red, Light Blue.

      1. I didn’t look at the main “university” page because I had the fear. I should go back and delve into it. I figured it was a bad business school thing.

      1. Eh. (= I just get grumpy when people try to dismantle something as though that act of, er, dismantling makes them more above what they’re dismantling. Not directed at you!

  3. That fashion goth guy is way too cool for me to understand what the hell he was talking about. I think I’m missing out on some cultural phenomenon or something. Does someone want to clue slow child here in?

    1. yeah
      I stopped reading regularly a while back because he was too cool for school. It was a combination of “I want your life, asshole” and “Oh just get over yourself” because he’s a rock musician and an artist and all his friends are beautiful and/or famous and/or talented, etc. So he is supercilious.
      I liked his poke at Hot Topic Nation for being a consumer products phenomenon and a mirror to conservative Christian America, which is why I linked to it.
      But I dunno why he thinks New Order is better than Joy Division. I mean. Dude. No.

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