Three depressing links about the war.

  1. Here’s a first-hand account of what it’s like to be arrested and jailed by the secret police in Iraq right now. If you’re lucky, that is.
  2. We’re scouring our poor island colonies for recruits. Young people in places like Guam have no jobs and no future in our WWII leftover archipelago, so we’re sending them to the next colony. It’s the new Gurkhas.
  3. Counterpunch is a marginal news source (I don’t trust Cockburn so much). However, if we really did lose nuclear warheads off Somalia in 1991 and someone got hold of it, we’re about to star in a really bad James Bond movie. We’ve certainly lost nukes before, including a spectacular incident off Spain a long time ago.

I’m going to go outside and pet puppies now.

2 thoughts on “Three depressing links about the war.

  1. Re: item 2
    It’s worse than that, actually. There are, for example, currently hundreds of Fijians working – or attempting to find work – in Iraq. Most of them are ex-army. They’re in demand because they come cheap and some of them have been in firefights before.
    They’re also targets of a number of scammers, some of whom actually ship them out on spec and then abandon them in Iraq and Kuwait when the contracts don’t pan out. Word on the street is that young men are paying up to USD 2000 each for the pleasure.
    Vanuatu has also been threatened with the defection of up to half its forces at the hands of ‘UN contractors’ who promise up to USD 4000 per month for oil field guards.

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