And you thought Chick Publications was weird

Edit: This site may be triggering for people who have childhood abuse issues.

A Southern California cult that was called the Children of God and later The Family produced what must be the most messed up comic book EVER.

Their attitude toward sex and religion is giving me vertigo.

Disclaimer: this site is clearly anti-“Family” and run by people who are pretty angry. However, wow. Also, wow. The glossary is near Scientology quality. There are a lot of cults called “The Family” but this one is pretty choice. And of course, they started right here in Orange County, CA. Some of the Jesus Movement people ended up being Calvary Chapel, and then others…

13 thoughts on “And you thought Chick Publications was weird

  1. They had a big presence in Australia as well, and I think there was some kind of child-abuse scandal involving them. A GP in the outer Melbourne suburb of Ferntree Gully was reputed to be a member of them, though, to be fair, no-one to my knowledge has accused him of any sort of impropriety.

  2. Thank you, Jesus
    I was just reading “3 Little Accidents”, thinking, but I only see two little accidents. After this abortive thought, I shivered over the mother licking her daughter’s face. But then the egg bandage seemed very nifty and obvious. Another low technology solution to put in the “maybe, after the apocalypse” file. Now I’m off to stash away some chickens.

    1. Well he is supposed to be the Lord of the Flies, and all that. I always read that as Lord of the Files and imagine more like C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters though.

  3. the fact that these comics are essentially documentary snapshots of the leader and his family makes them ten times more disturbing than any Jack T. Chick tract i’ve ever read.

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