nattering pettifoggery and raw linksmanship

Every Musician’s Nightmare: a year lost to tendinitis. Also, MSNBC can’t spell “tendinitis”. Oh, I guess that’s an alternate spelling. NOT WHEN I WAS DOING MEDICAL EDITING, IT WASN’T!

Honda made a business jet and claim it’s 40% more efficient than others in its class.

Could you be a hobosexual? Or maybe you’re just bum/curious? Think about it.

David Lynch is a cool filmmaker but I don’t want Transcendental Meditation™ in the schools, okay? I didn’t know anyone had even done TM™ since about 1980.

6 thoughts on “nattering pettifoggery and raw linksmanship

  1. Okay, that Hobosexual link? Why did I click on it? I mean, really, what was I thinking? That’s got to be the fastest I’ve ever closed a tab.

  2. HA HA, my roommate is TOTALLY hobosexual. i’ve seen more than one of those websites. which just goes to show that the jading process has gone too far on me….too far, indeed.

    1. The TM thing was big when I was a kid in the 70s, and it was obviously a ripoff even at the beginning. As soon as you found out you had to buy your mantra it was kind of obvious.
      The Maharishi owned a local television station here for years, and aside from their other programming they’d have him on for hours at a time, in a pile of flowers, talking in circles. It was tremendously entertaining.
      I didn’t know the NLP was a Maharishi operation, but I certainly did know they were a double fruitcake with extra nuts. So that fits, all right.

      1. One tidbit that I got from him is that they bulldozed a bunch of the buildings on the campus that they took over to form Maharishi University because they didn’t conform to Maharishi feng shui or whatever the fuck it’s called. I’m not a rabid preservationist, but the original building were often beautiful old buildings in great condition with old growth hardwoods that you almost can’t get in significant quantities anymore. In the original buildings place they put up a bunch of generic pre-fab structures that weren’t even very good modern buildings.
        He was just full of stories like this that illustrate what happens when you give a bunch of kooks a huge supply of cash and a belief that they have a connection to divinely inspired truth.

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