The real danger of refueling: sitting in the car.

The cellphone-blows-up-gas-station story is an urban legend, but the dangers of refueling are real, if remote. The Petroleum Institute’s page on static electricity risk has some advice: don’t get in your car while the tank is filling up.

There’s also some fine security camera video of a very lucky person barely escaping incineration in a static-caused fire.

6 thoughts on “The real danger of refueling: sitting in the car.

  1. That if it does catch fireL LEAVE THE NOZZLE WHERE IT IS.
    Shutting the pump off is good but spraying gas all over wll not help.
    It’s actually safer, less likely to catch fire if it stays where it is.

  2. another thing to watch out for —
    always remove a metal gas can from a vehicle and place it on the ground before attempting to fill it.

    1. That makes sense, and also explains why I see the signs on those cans that say it’s prohibited to fill them while they are on the vehicle.

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