Odds and Ends

  • Tonight at the table there was a pause in the conversation, and berg74 suddenly turned to the two twenty-something Newport party guys sitting there and said “So. You ever been in a car with a nun?”
  • I recommend guruphiliac if you like weird stories about cults and their leaders. It syndicates http://guruphiliac.blogspot.com/ .
  • A quicktime video of a classic Aston Martin DBR1 doing the hillclimb at Goodwood is here.
  • Here’s how to lose five pounds in a hurry. First, take an amphetamine ADD drug, so that you have to remember to eat because you’re rarely hungry. Then, have an unexplained middle ear paroxysm that causes you to hang out of your car window barfing like crazy for hours before you’re taken to the hospital by emergency ambulance for rehydration and antinausea drugs. Finally, have your doctor prescribe you a diuretic for the ear problem and your high blood pressure, so that you pee out gallons of retained water the first day. Presto! Five pounds gone. Next week I’ll demonstrate how to build muscle tone by getting stranded in the desert and killing mountain lions for food to survive.
  • Now you can get porno brand rims in up to 24″ sizes for your big, stupid vehicle. No, I’m not kidding, sorry. (Links not necessarily safe for work, may trip nudie-alarm of web filters.)
  • Here is a short film advertising beer, which happens to be in the style of early Buñuel films.

3 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. Not a complaint, but my goodness you post a lot! I’m just trying to keep up here – I do want to say that you sent me to the dictionary on that last post. I don’t think I’d ever seen, nor heard the word ‘bahetic’ before. I’m still not sure I could use it in a sentence. 🙂
    You’re a rather fascinating person, you know that? I mean you’re just really intense, and it seems like you spend so much time in front of the computer – are you at work when you post all these posts? I guess I’ve never thought to ask before, but I am now.


    1. Guilty, especially lately. My brain’s been more “effective” and I’ve been more agitated, and both of those things give me a mild graphomania. Writing is generally what I do to work things out. Welcome to my humble scratch pad.
      I do Internet related work all day, and I’m a multitasker type. I have a moderate case of N.A.D.D..


      1. I dig your scratch pad, really, it’s just hard to keep up sometimes.
        I used to write a lot more than lately – I become self conscious knowing what I write appears on a ‘friends page’, a few actually, so I curb it. And lately I’ve kept everything to myself, but that’s because I needed to work it out internally, something really new for me.
        N.A.D.D. is quite an interesting ‘affliction’. Better you than me, I say.


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