dear realitylost

Thank you so much for rescuing my car the other day. I do have a question, though. When I got in the car the seat was tilted almost all the way back and slid back in the position I had it when I was very ill and could not stay upright.

Did you drive that thing all the way from MicroCenter to my house with the seat in that position? How’d that work?

Thanks again,


One thought on “dear realitylost

  1. No. Being an exceptionally short person, I have gotten in the habit of taking notice of seat positions before I change them so that I can return the seat to said position. (Likewise, I have gotten in the habit of backing up the seat in my own car before I get out, knowing that nobody else – Craig, for example- can get there knees under my steering wheel to change the position of the seat themselves.) Anyway, I didn’t drive it that way…I just put it back that way.

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