And now, Chip the Black Boy.

WFMU’s Beware of the Blog has the first good long clip from Christian Science Puppet Guy, aka David Nkrumah Liebe Hart:

For those who haven’t seen his cable tv public access show, this will initiate you into the magic of dilapidated puppets singing religious outsider music with many fine video effects and other delicious treats embedded in it like nuggets of dried vegetable matter in a fruit cake.

Warning: this shit is fucked-up.

3 thoughts on “And now, Chip the Black Boy.

  1. Oh it’s been too long.
    I wish I knew who had my tape. I hope it brings the same joy to them as it did to me.
    Thanks for the link-making.

  2. Somebody is going crazy with the Video Toaster! It looked like whoever was doing the transitions was bored out of his or her skull.
    As far as I know, the Christian Scientists don’t have the space brothers as part of their theology. I found the original lyrics to the hymns that the producers of this video use, and there’s nothing about “space angels” in them. These guys have mixed Christian Science with Heaven’s Gate to achieve a combinatorial explosion of fucked-upidness.

    1. The CS people disavow him. He is in his own private Honk Nebula and has been forever. I especially liked the time someone went to interview him and he kept the reporter outside his apartment until he finished his phone sex call.

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