Complaining complaint from that complainy guy

Two knuckles on my right hand have been red and flaky and itchy for several weeks now.

I do not want eczema, and frankly I do not want any other diagnosis consistent with these symptoms.

I wish to explain that I have already got numerous diagnoses of diseases and syndromes. Each time I acquire one I need to read at least one and probably more books about it, worry somewhat, and either change my lifestyle or take medications or both. This has become burdensome as my bookshelf is full of condescending books written by registered nurses, I now take four prescription drugs, and I have given up numerous pleasures.

Please remove the itchy red flaky situation from the knuckles. If I require any more diagnoses of syndromes or diseases I will contact your office directly.

Thank you in advance.

5 thoughts on “Complaining complaint from that complainy guy

  1. my dad and I also get this, I always blame it on weather change since it seems to happen at the turn of season for me.
    I have seen a dr. twice and have been written a prescription for hydro-cortisone cream both times and told it’s nothing serious.
    So don’t worry too much!

  2. I think that if it were eczema you’d have little bumps on your knuckles too. I have eczema, and whenever it breaks out I get tiny blisters all over the itchy places. My dermatologist calls it the “itch that rashes.”
    My advice to you is: hand lotion, hand lotion, and, when you think you’ve used enough, more hand lotion. My mother’s knuckles turn red, crack, and bleed if she doesn’t used lotion all the time, because she seems to just have naturally dry skin- you might be in the same situation.

  3. I got that, didn’t know what it was, put tea tree oil on it three times a day for a couple weeks, whatever it was, gone now. Tea tree oil kills microbes like crazy.
    Odds that you have the same thing are low, but who knows.

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