So far, it seems like a way of carrying a lot of poorly run college radio stations around on a hard drive. i don’t listen to words much on the iPod, so I’m trying to find music stuff for podcastery feedy goodness, and it’s a trip straight back to my days as program director of KLA, listening to airchecks.

Any tips for finding ones that don’t suck?

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  1. Podcast Alley has a decent listing of podcasts, complete with ratings, user comments, and all that.
    Mostly, I listen to talky stuff. Of the two exclusively-music podcasts that I listen to, one actually is from the local college station, which is run quite well and plays a good amount of local stuff. The other is Coverville, which sounds professionaly produced. A few of the other podcasts I listen to feature music every once in a while–for instance Northwest Noise and the Evil Genius Chronicles.
    The whole problem with music podcasts is that the RIAA is really breathing heavily down people’s backs. To get licensing for ASCAP and BMI, it is something like $350/year for each. Without such a license, you have to play indy/unsigned stuff or face getting fined like crazy.
    Don’t miss The Area 51 Show, which is… well, sort of hard to describe. It is not really sketch comedy, but there are some great fake ads. It is not really news, as most of it is made up. It is not quite an ongoing weekly story, although there are several threads that flow between episodes. Anyway, give it a try.

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