Cyclical livejournal post

Gloomy, passive-aggressive reference to long-term insoluble problem, hinting at interpersonal conflict without mentioning names of people involved. Cliché’d attempt at ironic humor. Barely veiled plea for help without any indication of what action others could take. Self-deprecating yet egotistical joke!

15 thoughts on “Cyclical livejournal post

  1. well meaning but totally misplaced attempt at supportive response based on incorrect assumption of involvement in veiled reference.

  2. Well put, that’s exactly how I write, nearly daily. Must cease.
    Um, hope you feel better soon? (Vain attempt to appear compassionate, but truthfully wanting to express pleasure in the reading of such a perfect journal post.)

  3. Unhelpful but strangely enthralling Mormon fanfiction link. Ironic snarkism, followed by serious aside.

  4. Series of heartfelt useless suggestions. Brief inaccurate summary of popular psychology on the topic of depression. Assurance of future improvement.

  5. Compliments and reassurance that I’m giving not because I actually care, but because I like drama and I want to feel better about myself.
    More empty words.
    “Stay strong”.

  6. Anecdote that is superficially meant to comfort, but is little more than a self-aggrandizing attempt to focus attention on myself.

    Steven Wright quote

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