12 thoughts on “why are conservatives so rarely funny?

  1. It’s an interesting question, since an obvious counterexample–Evelyn Waugh–leaps to mind. Maybe a difference is that Waugh got laughs out of the follies of Modernism and the Left (which to him were kindred offenses against Tradition and Order) because, as he saw matters, everything was clearly going to hell, but one could still mock the decline from one’s lonely, besieged vantage point. The current crop of US conservatives, by contrast, have a bullying, swaggering attitude–the strip you linked to actually raises a valid question about Cornyn but simply dismisses it as not worth bothering about. So can we generalize that the Last Holdout conservative can be funny (and lord knows follies aren’t hard to find or to mock) but the We Rule The World conservatives are just… brutish?

  2. I came in tipsy last night, & ate a Raspberry Ruffle bar while browsing that site. Shortly after, I puked my ring. At least two mistakes I made there.

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