4 thoughts on “decline of rss

    1. Yeah, that’s different. He’s just a freakin’ idiot and is suing the entire Internet because we all had to see his wang. Frankly I think we should be suing him.
      I think a lot of people are disallowing the images in their RSS feeds for bandwidth reasons, but it just makes it pointless.

      1. ryan and I watched that video, the faces his makes at the camera still give me the shivers.
        what a fucktard.
        also: I like how this video mysterious;y appeared on the internet just as his career is flaying.
        I wonder if he thought “hey, that cheapo slut I used to bang got famous for some video of her porking a nobody, Ill give anything a shot at this point”.
        or maybe he’s just retarded.
        ya, thats probably it.
        Socialitelife.com rules.

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