Did you get that emo? I’ll send another copy.

I had a reasonably good day. No, let’s correct that. I had a wonderful day because I am a rich white male and I live in Newport Beach, CA. Someone I know who lives in Moscow, Russia was last week attacked by wild dogs. That doesn’t happen here. Plus, the weather is better.

I’m also glad that I don’t live in Shenzhen, China. Jack’s uncle wanted him to go work in a hydraulics factory there and live in some mercury-encrusted lean-to in a town that’s more of a shithole than Shenzhen even. He’d be production manager probably and get to deal with things like “The #8 homphulizer blew up and killed 32 workers. Hire some more” etc. Instead, Jack is going to sell cars in Portland, Oregon.

Finally I’m glad that I don’t live in more nearby Norco, California where realitylost informs me one cannot go out and eat seafood. There just isn’t any. So she and I went out to the Crab Cooker tonight and hoovered up various fruits de mer.

i’m excited about going to San Francisco for a few days in May. Boooiiing.

Finally, a moment of unseemly levity:


12 thoughts on “Did you get that emo? I’ll send another copy.

  1. Me mudder used to tell me not to go to the park. Ever. EVER.
    When asked why, she said “This lady at the beauty parlor told me there were WILD DOGS there that LIVE IN HOLES!”
    Whereupon my dad, bless him, bawled out “AW, JEEZ, GERT. DOGS DONT LIVE IN HOLES!”
    And people wonder why I am so fucked in the head.

  2. …and, by the way, the link you sent me last night (for Delaney Bro’s)…that restaurant hasn’t been there in forever. /sigh Still no seafood in the IE.

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