there was a promo bumper on one of the channels i was watching for a tv movie feature film called “White Noise”, and at the end they said “for more information go to http://www.aaevp.com/

wtf electronic voice phenomena? is there a ghost in my machine? oh dear this looks dumb

correction: url fixed. thanks nefas!

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  1. i think it’s aaevp.com
    evp. mmm. ohh. i used to listen to art bell on npr a lot, especially when he had the evp people on. they would have these recordings of ghosts from various places that they’d take and play them for the rapt listeners. it was especially spooky if you were listening all by yourself because, of course, that was always on in the middle of the night. *shiver*
    whether or not there is any merit to it is completely beyond me, but it was definitely fun. i hope the movie is fun, too. =)

  2. on tv there is this show called “ghost hunters” and it is SO STUPID (their little ghost-hunting team is called ‘TAPS’ because they actually use ‘the’ for the T in the acronym) but that’s where i first heard about EVP, and it was interesting. i will probably totally go see that movie even though it looks horrible.

  3. I guess EVP was a big thing a couple of decades ago and is starting to make a comeback. Kim let me borrow an “album” by a person/group/producer/group/something named The Ghost Orchid called “An Introduction to EVP” that is a CD release of an old vinyl album.
    Much like the Conet Project, it is spooky to listen to alone in the wee hours of the morning. I am not yet entirely convinced of the authenticity or reality of EVP. While numbers stations are very deliberate, EVP tends to be finding patterns in noise. Maybe they are there, maybe they are your brain forcing patterns onto random data. The KE6TXX in me noted a bunch of frequency harmonics and other fairly standard and natural stuff you would expect when scooching around the shortwave dial. The skeptic in me laughed at the fact that these “messages” almost always had bad grammar and were rarely confined to a single language–picking and choosing words and phrases from different languages and sometimes making up entirely new words from roots found in differing languages. The Fox Mulder in me wonders if the only way for [pick one or more: ghosts | aliens | supreme beings | other] to communicate with us is to repurpose existing simultaneous terrestrial transmissions.
    At the very least, most of the “musical” stuff was pretty spooky sounding, whether it originated from intelligence or chaos.

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