mother shitter! son of ass!

Hello. I am currently at work watching the COPS New Year’s Marathon, brought to you by Smallpox an FX Channel Event.

I am at work because of a manager’s “comfort level”. “Comfort level” is modern business language for “I do not care about the actual situation or a rational response to it, but I wish to exert my authority and show that you are the less powerful primate.”

I am here because of the college football bowl games but I am not watching them. The only thing I like about college football is the 30 seconds of footage of cute cheerleaders, and I like that about 2 on a 10 scale.

Oh! And I like the part where some wretched shithole of a college like Miami of Ohio or Auburn shows their mini documentary on how actual academic programs exist there in which students wear glasses and are perhaps Asian.

9 thoughts on “mother shitter! son of ass!

  1. Can’t wait until I, big beefcake lawyergirl, can set my own “comfort levels”. And gauge peoples’ responses to it (yours would be high) to consider for whatever.
    AHH POWER *rubs hands*

    1. ahem
      Madame I think you’ll find that I am the beefcake lawyergirl in mine and ignatz’s relationship, so you’ll have to wait.
      Well at least on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

      1. Re: ahem
        You’ll have to excuse Zeb. His passion for me is intense and he’s currently trapped in a cornish pasty factory in Cocksmouth, London, U.K.

  2. i attended Miami of Ohio; it’s not a shithole school, but any sport there other than hockey totally sucks the root. they do have an open-ended self-guided degree program on a very beautiful part of campus where all the liberal, counterculture students live. i loved it there..

    1. aha!
      I screwed up my “X of Y” schools. I think I meant “Indiana University of Pennsylvania”. I knew it was named for the wrong place, so to speak. Sorry ’bout that.

      1. Re: aha!
        it’s ok, i’m tnot like totally offended or anything – i didn’t manage to graduate from there. the school is named for the Miami Indians in that region, but it’s pretty confusing. anyway, no harm done. 🙂

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