I am taking meds that simultaneously modify my serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine mechanisms. I feel like a character in a Philip K. Dick novel as reinterpreted by Warren Ellis.. for the Lifetime Channel.

Bry Q. HandSolo wants me to know about “girls looking to fuk guys in real life”.

Since I am the sole feeder of the cat, she is now affectionate to an extreme, and spends a lot of her time standing on me or following me from room to room. It’s cute. Although her freakouts when I go to the restroom or the grocery store or whatever are a bit disturbing. It’s okay. The monkey will return.

Due to a tragicomic series of corporate computer failures and poor planning on my own part, I have $54 in my bank account until Monday. Part of this is due to tmobile triple billing me for a nonexistent charge. Currently a young woman with a thick African accent is trying to get me my $75 back. Wish us both luck!

edit: No such luck. They have “closed” the account for that month and my credit is “on” for next month, meaning that they get to borrow $75 for me for a month and not pay me interest or do anything for me except say sorry.

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  1. I fucking HATE cellphone companies.
    next time you call, tell them you want the cancellations department if you haven’t already. They seem to be VERY eager to do whatever it takes to keep you as a customer.
    Is your Mom on some exotic vacation again?
    Lucky lucky.

    1. She’s in Cuba visiting Sephardic Jews. No really. Hope they don’t jail her for life for going there.
      thanks for the cellphone advice

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