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  1. I gotta say, I had a feeling Jack McCoy was going to win this one. After all it was Detective Briscoe’s final arrests and Lenny always gets the right guy.

  2. Someone…
    Let’s see 100, 000 deaths divided by roughly 1.5 years. 183 deaths daily in Iraq.
    Someone explain to me why we should care that another american killed someone.

    1. Re: Someone…
      Two reasons. One is the obvious that sensational local crimes are a different kind of news than war news. The other is that this murder reflects on a number of social problems that are pressing.
      Personally I care about both “Americans” and anyone else who dies violently.
      And I thought my post was sort of.. Um.. Making the same point?

    2. Re: Someone…
      Could you be more pedantic yet off-topic if you tried? The so-called “fame” of one death does not make it any more or less important than another.
      I, personally, am interested in the status of things like this, as “women” are being killed every day in non-wartime situations, “American” or not.

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