12 thoughts on “New Beasties CD autoinstalls corporate malware?

  1. …all the more reason to simply purchase from iTunes.
    Personal anecdotal evidence shows that OS X does have some sort of autorun-on-mount, even with all of the automatic junk disabled in Safari and Unstuffit. I have seen *.dmg files that launch either a license agreement or an installer application, but never bothered to research the exact mechanism by which they do this.

  2. I know BMG was doing this with SunnComm software, but that at least prompts you before installing. Still very annoying.
    I guess Capitol and Beastie Boys feel they have a “License to Ill” your computer.

  3. Don’t hate the hamster, hate the wheel
    “Hi, I’m not sure who posted re: Beastie Boys copy protection, but I just spoke with Mike D and their management and they wanted me to pass along that a) This is all territories except the US and UK — US and UK discs do not have this protection on them; b) All EMI CDs are treated this way, theirs isn’t receiving special treatment; c) They would have preferred not to have the copy protection, but weren’t allowed to differ from EMI policy.”

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