No phone no pool no pets

After an uneasy sweaty slumber in the late afternoon I rolled down to D’s where I listened to Throbbing Gristle on my iPod while watching the old men watch the young girls. Very appropriate soundtrack. Then to the Harp with Liam and Nicolette, where I brought them cigarettes and he bought me a beer. Noticed the manager and one of the checkers from the supermarket making out at the next table.

I’ve been listening to all this 90s indie music this week and it’s so damned mopey. Great stuff but after a while it makes me feel like I’m temping again and my pants don’t fit and I’m at Jabberjaw in 1995 or something. That club came up in conversation last night. Good and bad memories. Good ones of seeing Sprinkler there or Ukefink, bad memories of the Olympia WA elite being snooty and the neighborhood scaring the hell out of me.

Pictures posted in of gigantic burrito. Seriously gigantic burrito.

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