Things my friends enjoy that I don’t get at all

An unranked list. What’s yours?

  • Coldplay
  • Anime
  • Porn (not sexy movies or sexy pictures, but, you know, PORN.)
  • Mr. Bean
  • Pro wrestling
  • Large trucks
  • ”Poetry Slams”
  • Dave Eggers
  • Happy Hardcore
  • White chocolate

28 thoughts on “Things my friends enjoy that I don’t get at all

  1. – cars (I mean to an obsessive degree)
    – blue cheese
    – white chocolate/cinnamon chips/weird waxy things of that nature
    – tori amos/pj harvey/enya/whiny chick music
    – people who don’t like animals
    – heavy metal
    – porn
    – suntanning
    – shitty food
    – hollywood movies
    – high heels (other than erotic use)
    Probably more, but you know me. I could go on a long time. 😉

  2. Porn and pro wrestling? Why do you hate me. I never did anything to you.
    -being vegan
    -liking things because nobody else does
    -not liking things because everybody else does
    -John Kerry
    *=that’s right, the only things in this world that I like are porn and pro wrestling.

  3. Coldplay and porn are amazing. the rest is eh.
    except i always get the white hot chocolate at the coffee shop, but not when the spikey hair guy is there, he always fucks it up.

  4. our lists have a small crossover (not listed here)

    Cards for no stakes whatsoever
    Driving other people’s cars
    Books about whales

  5. Television
    Hollywood Movies (nothing is worse is this life)
    conservative politics
    C&W music
    Martial Arts anything

  6. thrift store fashion
    “i Don’t care” fashion
    “i Do care” fashion
    any band that starts with ‘the’ and ends with ‘s’
    goth type arrogance

    1. mr. bean blows on a cosmological scale. still to this day i cannot believe that the simp that bumbles around in that ninth-rate mongoloid drivel is the same conniving, hilariously evil fiend behind blackadder. has anybody ever postulated a decent theory explaining how that happened?

      1. Well, to be honest, I think there’s about 5 minutes worth of Mr. Bean that’s actually funny.
        I read an interview once with Rowan Atkinson where he said that he didn’t understand why people liked it so much.
        My theory is he first did it for those 5 minutes and then (in the words of Eddie Murphy, explaining why he did Best Defence), they drove a skiploader full of money up to his door…

  7. see, but i have no friends. (and you’ll soon see why!)
    still, here’s a few things that chafe. some of them may strike people as sacrilegious. i do apologize.
    john kerry
    the doors
    south park (mostly)
    any vintage pre-1960 automobile that’s been chopped, mangled and converted into some kind of nightmarish belching, farting speedster with flames painted on the side and big chrome widgets protruding from every conceivable angle and blaring zz top
    the whole “trading spaces” phenomenon
    reality television of any kind
    any combination of metal and rap
    books that have sequels or tie-in products
    religious institutions and their dangerously slavish adherents
    any movie involving organized crime, drug dealers or vietnam
    and everything on ‘s list. although i kind of like coldplay. a little.

    1. i should make it clear i was substituting family for friends in a few spots on that list. most of my friends are not quite that, um, earthy. it’s called cheating. it’s catching on like mad!
      and i also would like to take this opportunity to also annex ‘s list except i am one of her friends that inexplicably likes whiny chick music, at least at certain times and in manageable doses.

  8. – coffee
    – fan fiction
    – pop culture merchandise, especially stuff like figurines
    – television
    – system administration
    – Mac OS X GUI (underlying OS is cool)
    – “clubbing”
    – bubble tea
    – Ethical-Slut-type polyamory
    – Heinlein
    – the U.S. Democratic Party
    – Perl 6
    – most webcomics
    – most anime
    – vacations consisting of lying on the beach + drinking for two weeks
    – thumping bass
    – computer games
    – cats

  9. Late post, but still fun
    Sorry, I like the porn.
    – Lord of the Rings (I’m sure I’m being cursed as we speak)
    – Bertolucci (esp. Last Tango In Paris)
    – Burning things
    – Modern Art
    – Polygamy
    – Birds as pets
    – Kid Rock
    – Making a big deal about Janet’s breast.
    – Fat Vegans/Vegetarians
    – Movie Critics
    – Not being romantic (what’s up with that?)

  10. – Guilt over eating dairy & yet eating it anyway
    – Poetry readings
    – Listing out number of vices indulged in each week
    – Memes
    – Moaning over aging
    – Polyamory
    – Being anarchists and/or pacifists
    – Discussing cars at length
    – The importance of having 2 extra hard drives for MP3s
    – Wild-eyed, table-pounding, uber-left ranting

  11. Whhaaaaa?
    So Dave Egger’s, porn and my admittedly horrifying affinity admiration/ desire to consume programing make you my friend for liking it when you don’t, or did I read that wrong? Just starting to get the hang of this thing, may bay???? Most probably not really, yet. Love, peace, and yarn fuck dolls w/sleeves for hygienic sharing. Jesus rules, dude brahh.

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