So anyway I’m going to take my half in about five

You know what the greatest thing is, it’s making someone CRY.

I’ve been in this business 15 years, insurance companies hate that; I dunno what the fuck he was thinking. I always go both ways. I don’t want to just lurch for 20 years. You don’t want to look in the back room at that place. Look at me, I’m fuckin’ DRUNK over here!

She was sweeping the outside and I pointed out a pile of stuff and she just swept around it. The cat is looking at us upside down again. He was an honorable man, and people will remember the work he did. He was a clapper? That explains so much.

What do you expect from a Yale Ph.D. with four year old triplets and a book on the way? I’m not sure which crazy you mean, but the one with the scraggly beard and the burning eyes bummed 2 cigs off me today. I’m used to seeing you confused by your camera but now you’re confused by string.

Look! I’m telling you! They aren’t really workers, they are just these.. .union… GUYS. It is not an actual elephant ear but it is in fact a sponge. I’m going to go be extreme now. You’re in the penalty box now for showing me that community. The cow foot is only $8!

She was all hey! hey hey! no way! and I couldn’t say a thing about it and then she left before we counted out the drawer. You can sum that guy up by his car and that’s pretty fucking sad.

I still fall in love with her every time I see her, but I guess that’s my fault and not hers anyway.

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