I think we frightened Andy’s friend Andy

I brought realitylost some frozen peas and kitkat bars because some jerk stuck a needle in her hip today and she can’t walk. She has too many dogs in the house. She can also recite Sydney Pollack’s remake of Sabrina along with the film in real time.

Good conversation with friendly_bandit, eamajyn, kennfusion and others at D’s tonight. Folks if you want a pet antelope you have to go to Petco and be really persistent. They keep them in the back and they don’t like to bring them up. As a second choice you can get hamtelopes which are like hamsters except they have small, transparent horns.

Drunk bartender guy at the Napa was in “fine” form tonight. Kept yelling things at 100 dB like “I HAVE TAKEN VIAGRA TWIIIIICE” or “OH JUST BLOW ME RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE, GODDAMMIT!!!”.

Tamara said: “We don’t want Conrad to get a girlfriend! We want him here!” No fear:

4 thoughts on “I think we frightened Andy’s friend Andy

  1. the other day he was yelling out loud, over and over and over THE GUY IS A RETARD HE SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED OUT IN PUBLIC HE’S A RETARD A RETARD PEOPLE LIKE THAT SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED OUT and from what I could gather he was talking about DZ who was standing around talking to the Harbor High punks and looking sad

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